The Engaged Eye of Mohamud Mohamed: Photo Gallery from Nairobi

Mohamud lives in Korogocho, one of the sprawling areas around Nairobi where more than one million poor people live in crowded handmade houses with few sanitary services, facilities or utilities.  Mohamud works with community groups on issues of food security, health, child welfare and safety.

He tries to make a living as a photographer in his community taking photos and videos of weddings and other events. His photos have been exhibited at L’Alliance Francaise in Nairobi; he is working on a video about the struggles for life in his area.

This gallery is a sample of his work; he knows all the people in them, they are his friends and neighbours; he has their permission to publish his photos of them.

Please do not distribute or re-publish these photos without Mohamud’s permission.

Contact: ibrenedin {at } yahoo {dot } com

(photo of Mohamud by Theresa Wolfwood  at World Social Forum in Nairobi, 2007)

CLICK on thumbnails to see enlarged photos

Children waiting for their free meal at Food not Bombs

A glue sniffer, asleep or passed out

Schoolgirl washes a pot in a dirty puddle; there is little access to clean water in Korogocho.

A friend

Woman selling food & other things collected at dumpsite

Spectators at youth day

Carrying cooked food to serve at Food Not Bombs

“the guys at gymnasium it was youth day and the theme of this year was peace.”

Seventeen year old “arriving from the site where he went to collect food and other goods which he can recycle and get some money”

Another friend

A local resident; his family is one of many that is “surviving with food from dumpsite”

Another local resident

Food Not Bombs free food service

“picture of this street lady admiring a life she look on a magazine.”


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