Background and Resources For PALESTINE

Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
Palestine Farmers’ Union
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Addameer ADDAMEER (Arabic for conscience) Prisoner Support & H.R. Association works for child prisoners . Also:
Press for Conversion: 2 special magazine issues:
The Promise -a 4 part compelling drama made by UK Channel 4 available on YouTube

Canadian BDS Coalition:
BDS Movement
BDS In Jordan

BOYCOTT Hewlett-Packard electronics and Hyundai vehicles: both used by Israeli government to enforce occupation, detention, demolition. See:
Preserving culture: TIRAZ museum:

Ways to support Palestine and its people:

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine: /
Popular Resistance in Palestine
Married to another man in-palestine-pluto-press-london-uk-isbn-978-0-7453-2065-6/
Canada and Israel: Building apartheid
The Battle for Justice in Palestine or-justice-in-palestine-2014-haymarket-book-chicago-usa-isbn-978-1-60846-324-4/
The Last Earth (and other books) by Ramzy Baroud. Pluto Books

Here We Shall Stay by Tawfiq Zayyad
It’s also Fine by Mourid Barghouti from: Midnight and other poems
Hearts: by Theresa Wolfwood from: Love and Resistance.

News sources:

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