Homeless camps in Victoria BC

BBCF supported this project and it shows  how our governments and society treat the most vulnerable and needy.  TW
Dear Friends,

I  thank you for donating 191 pairs of socks for distributing to homeless people.   It was a wonderful act of generosity which was much appreciated. Some were dropped off anonymously – others I know the donors. Many of you gave multiple pairs; some gave extras, mew clothing, gloves and bake goods for Food not Bombs. All thankfully received. I want to tell you about a friend who lives on a disability pension, volunteers his time with many groups and people, helping cook and garden; he brought 24 pairs.   When I commented on this amount he replied: I lived on the street and I know what it is to have cold wet feet.    Thank you everyone!

We had them available at two Sunday Food not Bombs servings at the tent camp in Beacon Hill park. Some remained and were placed in the donation tent there. We also took a large box load to the tent comp at Central Park; it had just been flooded out in a rainstorm and campers were moving to higher ground; they had lost many belongings so the socks were most welcome.

 We know this does not solve the problem of homelessness locally, nationally or globally; it connects us as humans and inspires us to be more active as advocates for permanent solutions for these internal refugees as well as for the million worldwide seeking secure homes.

Thank you all again, for a brighter 2021, Terry Wolfwood

Photos:  tent camps and socks this Sunday Beacon Hill Park  at Food not Bomb and a tent in nearby Stadacona Park. . 

And one day we hope that we will not have hungry people in our city of plenty.

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