Victoria Women in Black Silent Vigil February 2011

The recent events in Egypt show that people can create social change if they unite for peace & social justice. The activists who changed Egypt and ended 30 years of repression did not come together out of the blue. Women, workers, students, activists have been meeting for 3 decades, organizing and learning to work together – often at great risk. The events at Tahrir Square prove that small groups like Women in Black, solidarity groups, the peace movement, all contribute to the greater whole of social change. We can act here in Canada, working for an end to our participation in wars on the other side of the world, work to end homelessness, improve our health care system, and pressure political parties to change their anti–democracy policies.

The Canadian government has never criticized Egypt for its treatment of its own people; a place where $2/day average wage buys 1 kilo of rice, 40% of youth are unemployed & the Mubarak family has $40 billion stashed away in foreign banks & international assets.

Canada has sold military equipment to Egypt – as well as Colombia & Saudi Arabia. Most of Canada´s military sales to dictators & oppressive regimes are disguised in sales to the USA and on to many countries. Egypt was the USA´s 2nd largest recipient of aid – including military aid. Only 1/8 of its $2B in 2010 was non–military aid.

Women in Black encourages all Canadians to join social movements here at home to bring peace, justice and dignity to Canadians and to Canadian policies abroad.

Gandhi once said, “What we do may seem very small and insignificant, but it is important that we do it.” Today more than ever, what we do for social change becomes very significant as well.

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