Elizabeth Mayne Gallery

Elizabeth Mayne is a Victoria artist who has exhibited widely in Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and USA. Her work reflects her interest in the human interaction within society and with the physical environment. She has also organized many group shows based on variations of these themes.

She is member of the board of directors of BBCF and many of her prints illustrate articles on this web site and The Whole Circle, BBCF’s publication. The strong lines and colours in her paintings and prints show her sense of connection with her native South Africa and the indigenous art of its many cultures. She admires those cultures where art is an integral part of life, not a separate superfluous value.

Elizabeth at launch of her book, The Passionate Continuity

For many years, Elizabeth was active in the anti–apartheid struggle and now her commitment to social justice is expressed in her art as well as through Women in Black and BBCF. Her first book of poetry and drawings, containing work of both personal and political nature, was published by Ektasis Press in Victoria, December, 2006, and is available in local bookstores and by email.

Some of her recent art work is shown below. Click on the thumbnails to see enlargements. Elizabeth Mayne may be reached at: em@bbcf.ca

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