A Tribute to Ann Kemp

Ann Kemp, one of the founding members of the Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation Board of Directors, died on Sept. 7, 2017, after a short illness.

She was my dear friend since our first year at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

She was an active supporter of many progressive and humanitarian causes, including the concerns of BBCF. A quiet and modest person, she was dedicated to freedom of expression; her last job before retirement was with Knowledge Network TV in Vancouver. She attended many BBCF events and represented BBCF at meetings in Vancouver.

She loved jazz and folk music; together we attended the 1st Mariposa Folk Festival in Ontario many years ago. We also traveled together on the “Peace Train” from Helsinki to Beijing for the UN Woman’s Conference in 1995. Ann had a keen mind and her analysis of current events often challenged me to re-think my opinions and impressions.

I will always miss her love and friendship.

Olive trees will be planted in her memory in Palestine, near those planted in memory of Gerd Weih.

-Theresa Wolfwood

With Marjorie Buchanan, our companion on the Peace train, on Marjorie’s 90th birthday in 2013. Marjorie died in June, 2014.
TW and Ann at University of British Columbia
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